Secrets-what are they exactly? Are they some kind of a mystery-an unfilled pothole-something one should not know about-or just a few things which if revealed, bring out only two possible outcomes, viz. shame or fame? Many people have different views on it. But the ones craving to know the truth are the real believers of misbelieving untold facts in this world.

The most common things that arise into one’s mind on hearing the word Secrets are:-

What is the Kryptos and why is its complex cipher not unfolded till date even though 3 of its 4 parts are solved and two whole words given by the creator as a clue for the last passage? Did Marilyn Monroe really sneak into the White House to meet John F.Kennedy? Does Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings have clues regarding Jesus Christ’s life? What and Who are the Priory of Sion and the Knights Templar? What is the Illuminati and is it really dangerous to dig into its history? Did Adolf Hitler really commit suicide? Does Jesus have a Blood Line and did Mary Magdalene give birth to his daughter, Sarah? Was there a deep conspiracy in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln? What is Area 51?

Oh the deeper you dig into each of these controversies, the uglier it gets.

Want to discover the greatest secrets of all time? Have you wondered, “Why is this thing kept a secret?” or “How do I get to the depth of this matter?” Then this is the place for you to rediscover yourself and boost your mind towards facts.

NOTE: These articles are purely based on our personal beliefs and thoughts. Any offence caused to anyone is deeply regretted!!!!

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