So, this post is nothing about the intriguing facts we never knew about. In fact, it’s about something we all know, but are too busy to do something about it. I had tried hard not to write on this topic, thinking that I am not competent enough to write on this. But I just couldn’t control my urge against writing this. Also, it is purely my feelings, which got developed in the past few years, that I will express here. They are not at all meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Pick up any documentary written by any historian/scholar/explorer, from the times before the 18-19th centuries. You will definitely see a statement, implying “India is the richest place” “Most prosperous kingdoms” or such things. But, At the same time, a GREAT weakness of the Indians was also analysed by those same people. It was the “enmity” Indians had with other Indians. That is, the people of the “Richest, most prosperous kingdoms” were divided. This was one of the major causes of India being exploited by various foreigners. We lost the Peacock Throne, the Koh-i-Noor, and many such gems and jewels which were mined from Indian land. Now, I do know that Peacock Throne was made under Shah Jahan’s reign (who was a foreigner too), but it was made by Indians, using India’s wealth. It was not long before we lost everything, even our freedom to a bunch of Englishmen. The bunch soon got bigger, and bigger, and bigger – big enough to RULE over us for about 189 long years. During that period, all of India’s wealth was “Drained” away, and taken to the British Crown. Indians were denied basic rights, including that to eat and drink. It was soon after this, that some people realised the need to get together and fight with unity. Their efforts soon bought us our freedom. But the things we had lost to gain this freedom were too costly to be lost – the lives of our Freedom Fighters.

You might be wondering, “Why all this? We have learnt this in history!” 

Well, this is for those people, who are BLINDLY following the JNU students’ protest. Yes, this is about that. And more……..

Two years ago, an event occurred (Indian general elections), which wasn’t taken well by some Indians. A political party ruling India for about 60 years (Indian National Congress), was replaced by another one (Bhartiya Janta Party). It was quite expected, even by the Congress, that they were going to lose. After all, a lot of damage had been caused to the economy, international relations, et cetera, during their rule. So the people wanted to see a change in the ruling party. There are some people though, who just can’t bear to see a party other than Congress ruling India. Rather than seeing the good in the new ones, they point out the negatives (which most of the times, aren’t even supported with proper evidences!) While that was still OK, we saw yet another disaster occur. The Congress won’t let the Parliament to be run. As a common man, shown footages of the Lok Sabha, that’s what I could observe. Unnecessary slogans being shouted in the parliament without any reason. 

Bearing all of this, we still thought that the New Government will bring change. And it did! We were progressing. Until one day, in a University at Delhi (Jawaharlal Nehru University), some students started a protest. What was it about? Nothing in the interet of Indian development. It was to support a dead terrorist. Yes, you got that right. Afzal Guru, the accused for 2001 Parliament Blasts, was the issue. The slogans being shouted were sending a clear message that the Supreme Court was wrong in deciding to hang Afzal Guru. If this is not anti national, then those who understand the protests, please tell me what is! Not only was a terrorist praised in their slogans, but also the Indian army cursed and insulted. This is the “Freedom of speech” my friends. It is “enjoyed” by such people! Tell any one of them (choose the strongest for their sake) and ask him/her to spend an hour in the extreme conditions where our jawans live their life. Let alone the fear of enemy army, the weather itself will eat the person. In literal sense. 

And just as these people were misusing their rights, we see a bunch of people saying “India has become intolerant”. That was the stupidest remark ever made in the Indian history by anyone ever. They could’ve as well said that “raining cats and dogs” means that real cats and dogs fall on earth from the skies. I would’ve even believed that, but this?! Believe me, if India was intolerant, the $ vs ₹ rates would have been opposite. Because when approximately 1.2 billion people pay their taxes, and all black money had returned from Swiss Banks to the Indian treasury, no one would stay hungry. I say this, because intolerant India would have never tolerated such corrupt practices. 

Democracy gives the people a lot of courage. And sometimes, they forget that they have to limit it until causing an International shame out of it. Social media in today’s time, spreads any issue in any part of the world, everywhere. We have to be careful enough, not to misuse any rights we have. And certainly not speak against our own nation. Because, let’s not forget that divisions amongst Indians was the root cause for the susceptibility to lose freedom in the 19th century! Being the second most populous State, we need to understand our duties towards India and help make a beautiful country.


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