The “Devil’s Triangle” which is spread wide over 440,000 miles across the sea, stretching from the coast of Florida to Bermuda in one direction and Puerto Rico in another (so as to form a triangular shape) is probably one of the worst nightmares of sailors and pilots. Many theories have come up to explain the mishaps that occur near this particular region of the North Atlantic. But again, we Do Not have any proofs of the “mishaps” taking place. That is because the ships, yachts, and airplanes that get trapped here, have never been found. No debris, no survivors, no blackbox to look for……… So, no proofs of the vessels getting crushed. All that we can speculate is that those vessels went missing.

Bermuda Triangle 2

The earliest written reference of the Bermuda Triangle can be found in Christopher Columbus’ records of his voyage out of Spain towards the West. He had mentioned in his log of October 8, 1492, that his compass started giving weird readings. Considering it best to not tell about it to the crew, he guided the ships further west. However, he made a note of this phenomenon in his logs. Well, he had a good reason to not tell the crew about it!

This and other such incidents made people believe that near the Bermuda Triangle, the compass would not work. But in reality, as stated by the U.S. Coast Guard in 1970, the compass would work, but it would point towards the True North, which is as much as 20° off the Magnetic North (which is used in navigation).

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Based on such occurrences, a theory was proposed by some theorists – an Extraordinary Magnetic field in that particular region of the Ocean. An anomaly in the magnetic field in that region deflected magnetic needles of compass, misleading the sailors to a point with strong magnetic field, where the vessel would get attracted with great force, and eventually sink to the bottom of the sea.

Some others say that this is Alien activity. The lost city of Atlantis is linked to the Bermuda Triangle, saying that a more advanced alien species is performing experiments on the survivors. This sounds much like a myth rather than the reality. Nevertheless, this possibility must not be ruled out, since I do believe that there must be another planet with life on it. So this might as well turn out to be true.

Another theory, which is the most believed, is that of storms. The Gulf Stream, flowing from the Gulf of Mexico towards Europe, is extremely swift and turbulent. It is believed that it can hide the evidence of any disaster ever happening in a region it flows through. So, the Caribbean-Atlantic Storms give rise to huge waves, which are a disaster to ships and airplanes even. And then, the evidence of the disaster is hidden by the Gulf Stream. Nature plays the villain according to this theory.

The most recent theory suggests that there might be a big large methane deposited crater, which acts in a negative role for the ships and planes.

One of the biggest and most famous losses was that of 5 U.S. Navy Avenger Torpedo bombers. While returning back to the States in 1945, they reported deflection in compass before communications went down and they were never seen again. Three more rescue planes searching for them also disappeared in the process.

All that was told until now, was that of the disappeared planes and ships. But, Little do people know that there is a person, who probably flew through the Bermuda Triangle, lived his life after that, and didn’t know for 2 years what he had been through! Bruce Gernon had been flying airplanes between Andros island and the Miami Beach since 1967. It was in 1970, that he experienced a great thing-Time Warp.

Bruce Gernon
Bruce Gernon
Starting at 3:00 P.M., While flying back from Andros Island to Miami beach with his father and his friend, they saw a typical lenticular cloud about 500 miles above sea. When they continued with the journey, they noticed clouds building up right in front of them. The Miami Air traffic control operator had already confirmed that the weather was clear. So then what was this cloud?

Bruce Gernon Plane

Finding a clear space in the sky, Bruce chose to take it. But soon, in that direction too, they saw another such cloud. It appeared like a tunnel. Having no choice, he entered it. Communication with Radio controller was lost. Upon entering the tunnel, they saw it become all becoming dark without any rain. Soon, it became apparent that the cloud earlier seen, and this cloud, were both the parts of a same ring shaped body. 27 minutes of flying followed. They got drifted towards east after that for a few minutes. About 13 miles later, Bruce could see a large U-shaped exit which led him into another horizontal cloud tunnel. Now they could see the blue sky right in front  of them. Staying in this tunnel for about 20 seconds, Bruce felt weightless and a forward shifting momentum. All of the electronic gear and compass malfunctioned while in this cloud. Then, instead of the much expected blue sky, they entered a region which was dull grey-white. This is referred to as “Electronic Fog” by him. Soon after this, communications were restored. The radio controller told him that a plane was spotted near Miami beach. But Bruce suspected it wasn’t his, since it was only 34 minutes since their journey had started. A normal journey from Andros to Miami beach took about 75 minutes. So reaching Miami in such a short duration wasn’t possible according to him. But he did soon observe that the plane was right above Miami. They landed at 3:48 P.M. It had taken less than 47 minutes in total for an actually 75 minute long journey! “How was that even possible” they thought. 250 miles, after all, could not be travelled in 47 minutes.

Bruce Gernon paper

This leads to the last (and my favourite) inference drawn out, about the nature of Bermuda Triangle. Time Warp. Probably, Bruce’s plane was at such an edge, which warped time only to a certain small extent. But those ships and planes which were lost forever, might have reached a portion that leads to a larger tunnel, which warped time faster, to a greater extent. So they travelled through Space Time Continuum and probably “Time Jump”-ed. The GRAVITATIONAL WAVES, which were recently proved to be existing, might have as well been denser near the Bermuda Triangle, causing ripples in the Space-Time Continuum.

These were the possible explanations of the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. It is quite possible that one of them is correct. However, it is also possible that none of them is correct and the truth behind Bermuda Triangle lies locked due to a phenomenon no man on Earth knows-that, which we have not been able to find out yet!


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  1. Interesting article On 14 Mar 2016 20:05, “The Ultimate Secrets” wrote:

    > Prithvi K. Joshi posted: “The “Devil’s Triangle” which is spread wide over > 440,000 miles across the sea, stretching from the coast of Florida to > Bermuda in one direction and Puerto Rico in another (so as to form a > triangular shape) is probably one of the worst nightmares of sailor” >

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  2. Well if u observe, the common thing in all this stories is malfunctioning of the compass. So its a possibility that this place may have high gravitational there any way we can find the gravitational force there? Also on the discovery channel this hav being discussed. Bt bro well done n keep it up..!👍

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    1. The only way I see that we can find the gravitational field there is by sending an unmanned craft, with capabilities of being able to communicate. But as we know, the electronic fog prevents that from happening. We might have to first discover waves that may be able to pass through electronic fog, which is a great deal in itself! And then send the drone in to get the required info!


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