What are these words? Make no sense to most of you, right? Don’t worry! You will read about it in this article further. But budge! Before that, I want you to imagine something from the depth of your soul. So, for a moment now, think that you met a person just yesterday. He seemed to be pretty normal, fine and modern. Your ideas converged so much that it led to an instant friendship between the two of you. But when you tried to know more about him- Who he actually was? Where he had come from? and so on……, you found something too strange to believe. That strange thing was, his ORIGIN. His HomeLand. “What can be so strange about some person’s homeland?” You might be thinking. Well, the strange thing was that you had never heard of his HomeLand ever before. “What’s the big deal in that? Afterall, not everyone masters in Geography!” Well no! But that wasn’t it. To quench your curiosity, you Google-d about it, saw the oldest and newest maps, but you couldn’t find that place! Not there today, never has it been a part of the known world. Curios as you are, the Alien “Friend” is still claiming that His Motherland has been a prosperous nation for almost 1,000 years then! What would you choose to believe? A newly made friend’s urge or the Known Reality according to Larry Page’s service? As if things were fishy enough, in the time you take to make a right decision, that Alien just vanishes! What would you do then? This is our topic for this article. Yup, you got it correct. The words mentioned as the title of this article are just a few names claimed to be “Motherland” by three “Alien” people in various parts of Europe.

Haneda International Airport in 1954
Haneda International Airport in 1954

The first incident is claimed to have occurred in 1954. Well, the place of occurrence was the island nation of Japan. As described by various websites, it was a busy year for the officers at Haneda Airport, even though the year was hotter than usual. But that lasted only until one “UNKNOWN DATE” when a European flight dropped its passengers at this very airport. The working officials followed their routine and thought the day to go on as usual. But some surprise was waiting for them just outside the customs door. A neatly dressed, middle-aged, Caucasian man stepped up their front door and as a reply to the usual enquiry, he told the officials that he was just on a normal business trip which was his third that year. Even though his Primary language seemed to be French, he spoke fluent Japanese too! Moreover, his wallet had several currency coins from different European countries, as if certifying that he was a frequent flyer. All these things would surely make you satisfied that he was no “Illegal flyer”. But what happened next, turned up against all these views.

A representation of a specimen passport of the mysterious man
A representation of a specimen passport of the mysterious man

When the officials asked him for his country of origin, he casually stated that he belonged to Taured, which lay on France and Spain’s border. The officials were surprised and confused at the same time! “Taured?” they thought. They soon told him that such a country didn’t exist on the face of this world. But the man presented them with a passport issued by the mysterious country called Taured! As if that much wasn’t enough to embarrass the officials, there were even previous trip visa stamps from Japan and various other countries! But when they called the company the man claimed he had a meeting with in Japan, they said they had never heard of him. The hotel where he had reserved a room had no reservations for such a person. The bank whose checkbook he carried seemed to not exist!

Upon getting all this, the man scoffed, uttering that it was a very serious, practical joke! But the officials showed him a world map and showed him that his country wasn’t listed. But they did show the tiny country Andorra on the map, asking if that was his country. The man was still irate and said that Andorra didn’t exist but Taured did, at that same place! He said that his proud country had existed for over thousand years. Still in this shock, he was detained by the customs officials and given a room at a nearby hotel for the night. His room was guarded at doors by two officials. That room was high up in the building, somewhere in the mid-floors. The night was a busy one for the officials, trying to get to the head of it all.

Dimension Travel (Representation)
Dimension Travel (Representation)

But the mystery deepened the following morning. The man had disappeared from the high up room, guarded by officials! Apart from this, all the documents regarding his case had too vanished away from the airport’s security room! How would this be possible? Unless there was a dimension travelling device, or of course if the officials hadn’t helped him out? Though they would swear they had followed the orders! Many rumors of dimension travelling and time travel had surfaced due to this event.

This was just about Taured. Then there were stories regarding Laxaria and Lizbia. These are short ones, since they date back to the 19th century and the early 20th century respectively.

The incident occurring in 1851 involved a man who called himself Joseph Vorin. He was wandering freely in Frankfurt-an-der Oder, Germany. When the German authorities enquired about his origin, he said that he was from Laxaria, which lay on the continent of Sakria. The authorities were baffled since none of these places were heard of by them! It didn’t exist on their world map. Joseph’s fate is, unfortunately, not known to us!

Yet one more incident, in 1905, a young man caught stealing a loaf of bread was found stealing a loaf of bread in Paris, speaking an unknown language. After a long session of interrogation, and a lot of efforts, the man managed to convey that he was from Lizbia. Thinking that he meant Lisbon, the officials brought in a Portuguese interpreter. But it was soon found that he wasn’t a Portuguese too! The youth’s language didn’t seem to be an invented babble either, to get away with crime! Eventually, he was released, never to be seen again.

So what were these? Some cheap publicity stunts? Are they even true or just created stories? Were they just hoaxes of some kind? I don’t care about what others think, but I believe firmly, that there is some reality in all this. Something the mankind hasn’t yet discovered. Maybe a Portal of some kind linking different dimensions? I don’t know! Let’s just wait for a new discovery or start progressing in one ourself!


11 thoughts on “TAURED. LAXARIA. LIZBIA.

  1. The entire Taured “mystery” is a fabrication. It never happened.
    There are no primary sources, no newspaper references or police/immigration paperwork. In fact there are *no* references to it before it appeared in Wilson and Grant’s book ‘The Directory of Possibilities’ in 1982, which featured the following entry written by Paul Begg:

    And in 1954 a passport check in Japan is alleged to have produced a man with papers issued by the nation of Taured.

    Begg’s follow up book (Out of Thin Air: People Who Appear From Nowhere) was never completed or published. That’s it.

    Like the old Fentz story it may have originally been in a work of science fiction (Visa Pour un Autre Terre by Jacques Bergier).


    1. I do agree with you, till a certain extent though. Unfortunately, we weren’t present when, and if this event occurred. Being a believer in Time Travel and intergalactic travel (wormholes) I chose to write on this. My posts “Are We Alone?” And “Time” emphasise on these topics. And if that is possible (as we learn that gravitational waves are ripples in Space-Time) so is this.
      Only that it JUST might be hidden from the general public to prevent a chaos. You can be true, but so can the events! We should play it even until any one of these contradictory theories is proven to be true😅.
      Anyways, if the post was entertaining, please drop a like. It is always appreciated. You may also follow my blog for such intriguing theories. And yes, it’s always a pleasure to get such contradicting comments on blog posts. Thanks!


    2. Do you think an institution like police or airports will write a report about someone who has simply vanished ? Don’t think so …. Every story has a truth in it in particular this one because there’s no real records about just rumours and people who heard the story from others


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  3. what if taured country had existed for over thousand years and we just cant remember it cause someone remove it in our mind? in our map or history?


  4. Taured is real i am from Taured. I came in the early 1300’s to the country. The country along with France and Spain secretly changed it to Andorra so no-one would be suspicious. Taured means time traveler in our language.


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