July 20,1969-The date when history was created by the United States of America for the first ever successful landing of an earth spacecraft on the surface of the moon. This spacecraft, which achieved the feat was the Apollo 11. Neil Armstrong had headed the mission. On June 16,1969, along with Buzz Aldrin and a team of astronauts, Neil Armstrong headed the launch of Apollo 11 from the Kennedy Space Centre, Cape Canaveral launch site. The world was watching even as the spacecraft was launching from Pad 39A of the space centre.

But, the event which caused the United States Government to launch this mission was the ongoing period of tension (without wars) between the erstwhile USSR and the United States of America. Each of these parties wanted to gain the title of “Super Power”. In this process, they began showing off to the world, their advances in technology, economy and such various aspects. No one had been to the moon ever before. The mission was planned, according to records, within 2 years! Now, in the year 1969, there weren’t so many technological advances and developments in spacecraft building, since not much about the moon’s atmosphere and it’s surrounding nature was known. So, the big question that arises is, how did the NASA build compatible machinery and succeed in their mission in the first go? Did the Apollo 11, even actually touch the surface of the Moon?

There are hundreds of errors in the Moon landing photographs and video footages. The first and most common error noticed was in the Flag planted by Armstrong on the Moon (showing how proud he was). There is no atmosphere surrounding the Moon. So, no winds are experienced. But the flag in the photos and footages is shown in such a way as if it is blowing due to wind. This could have been possible only if the pictures and footages were taken in a studio, where wind was externally provided for the flag!

Flag Blown!
Flag Blown!

Next proof is also based on atmosphere of the Moon. If there is no atmosphere on the Moon, scientists claim, all the stars should appear as their light is not at all refracted. But in the pictures, there appears not a single star. This is probably because a set was created on a studio where the background could not have artificial stars at that time in history.

No Stars Visible!
No Stars Visible!

Further, the photographs of Neil Armstrong’s shoe print left on the Moon’s surface, gained a lot of public attention. It was pretty strange that the shoe print of Armstrong on the Lunar surface was so well defined, yet a 4 ton heavy lunar lander barely made a mark, as seen in the pictures!

Distinct Footprint...................but no mark of this Lunar Launcher!
Distinct Footprint…………………………………….but no mark of this Lunar Launcher!

In this picture, shown below this paragraph, Buzz Aldrin is shown in the shadow of the lander. Yet, even in that shadow, he is distinctly visible. Conspiracy Theorists believe that the reason for Aldrin being clearly visible is perhaps a studio light focussed at him.

So Bright Aldrin!
So Bright Aldrin!

According to Common Sense and properties of Light, it is obvious that the closer an object is to the light source, the larger is its shadow. But, in this next picture of the records, it is observed that the right astronaut’s shadow is considerably longer than that of the left astronaut’s. If they were facing the Sun, which is around 93 million miles away, their shadows would not have so less a difference, since they were just a few metres apart! Possibly, the studio’s spotlight might have caused this “Factual Error”.

Longer the Farer?!!
Longer the Farer?!!

A major proof of the shooting having taken place on sets of a studio was the visibility of a marking “C” on a Moon Rock. The letter is again seen on the ground next to it. “C” is used widely in film props by Hollywood to mark that part on the set as the centre of the scene. A counter reply is that the object seen is no letter, but a hair strand or some other fibre of such sort, since a shadow is seen with “C”. But, if an astronaut was to take off the suit on Moon (Due to which hair or fibre would fall there), he would surely die!

What is this
What is this “C”?

These next two images show areas on the Moon, miles apart from one another. If that was so, would not the background of mountains be different, even slightly? But, here, there is not even the slightest difference in the background!

MILES Apart???

Now coming to the Actual “Factual Errors”, i.e., those which are not really dependent on the photos. Scientists and Conspiracy Theorists claim that extending from the Earth’s surface, from 300-54,000 miles above the surface, there are the Van Allen belts. These are those which require two hours for the astronauts to pass through. This would have exposed them to myriads of radiations,r which, they were protected by just ‘Aluminium’. But, Aluminium is not a reliable material for radiation protection. So, this should have led to the death of at least some astronauts by contracting cancer due to overexposure of radiations.

Radiation Zone!!
Radiation Zone!!

The blueprints of the parts and  machines involved in Apollo 11 are missing. If the landing on the Moon was such a great feat, why were the blueprints for its process, not looked after?

In 2002, a super expensive super computer required 64 MB of memory just to run a simulated moon landing. But the computer used on board the Apollo 11 had just 32k of memory, roughly equal to that in a simple calculator!

Neil Armstrong had once appeared on BBC Radio 2 in the UK. Just few minutes before going on air, a spokesperson denied the presenter from asking any questions about the Moon. Why must have that been so?

One claim against the mission might have been accepted. But all? What do you think?


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