Time-is it really a constant value? Well not really. Everyone has ‘felt’ time go slow when his mind is either too excited, disturbed, or when affected by something to grieve. But does the time really slow down or is it your mind that makes you feel so? Well, the answer to this is-YES and NO.

Time does really slow down in specific conditions, but not in such. The expert, Sir Isaac Newton had proved in his Laws of Motion, specifically, the Law of Inertia, that the Universe is a “Clockwork Universe”, and that by knowing a particle’s motion, we can judge not only its Past, but also its Future. But, unfortunately, he was proved partially wrong by Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. According to this Theory, which states that the Energy possessed by a particle or object is arithmetically equal to the product of its Mass and the square of Speed of light in Vacuum, Einstein was able to prove that as the velocity of the body increases, Time actually slows down proportionally. The equation, also known as the Energy-Mass equation, is stated as- E=mc. It turned out that this equation was used to design and build atom bombs. However, it was recently proved by experts that this equation IS TRUE for many a strange consequences occuring. This was proved at CERN by particle colliders. Each one of us has a Biological clock inside of us. When our velocity increases, the clock proportionally decreases. This is given by the expression- t’=t√(1-V²/c²), where t’ is the Time Dilation, t is the Stationary Time, V is the Velocity of the particle and c is the Velocity of light in vacuum. Time Dilation is the time that is altered (slowed or fastened related to particle’s velocity).

Apart from the altering of time, it is even believed that when travelling at the velocity greater than of light, a particle can go back in time, i.e. travelling to the past. But the Special Theory of Relativity states that achieving velocity higher than the LIMIT, i.e. velocity of Light in Vacuum, is nearly impossible. This, Nature does so by increasing the Apparent Mass of the body proportionally. It is estimated that at 99.5% of speed of light, the mass of that particle would increase by 10 Times. For example, take a 5 gramme weight, which is accelerated by some external means, possessing enough energy to take it at 99.5% the total velocity of light in vacuum. When it reaches that velocity, the apparent mass of the body has reached 50 grammes. So, with the same force, it will no longer accelerate, but will begin to retard. But, if by some means, the velocity of the particle is increased, increasing the applied force proportionally, and the velocity of that particle nears the Velocity of Light in Vacuum or rather, exceeds it, it is believed that one of the many consequences of this feat will be Time Travel.

The strangest effect of this is the TWIN PARADOX. To study this, an experiment is carried out with the help of Monozygotic (Identical) Twins. If, one of these Twins was to be sent into the deep space in a rocket, travelling at very high velocity, and the other remained on the Earth, after equal period of a long time, the Twin sent to Space would have aged lesser than the Earth-dwelling twin. This, in detail, can be explained by studying Time Dilation in Biological clocks of these Twins. When the Twin sent to Space, travels at a very high velocity in the space, his Biological clock slows down, while the clocks on Earth remain trailing at their constant speed, as does the age of the Earth-dwelling twin. Since the Biological clock of the Space twin slows down, so does his aging process. When that twin returns to the Earth’s surface, it is found for sure, that the Space Twin looks younger than the Earth-dwelling twin!

Screenshot (89)Screenshot (88)

The particular Fusion or Fission reactions performed at the CERN’s particle colliders had seen particles achieving high velocities. The particles were accelerated to such high speeds using magnetic particle accelerators. These are 9 km long machines, just to break apart very small particles.

Einstein had, however, proved that Time Travelling is not possible, but Time Dilation does occur for sure according to his Special Theory of Relativity. The only reason for Time Travelling not possible to occur was that in no way could that high a velocity be obtained for the process. If that velocity is somehow gained, we might be able to travel Back in Time!


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