The Best, Clean Power Source in the Fictitious World, created by the Fictitious character, Tony Stark has been the aim of many amateurs in the Real World. Stan Lee, the creator of Tony Stark and the Ironman Comic series, would have never thought while creating the concept of the Arc Reactor, that it would soon gain so much fame that people would soon try building it themselves. Many eager people have set up Websites and Blogs dedicated to this Topic alone, hoping to get help from some expert and soon succeed in giving the world the thing that would reduce the size of Electricity Generators to the size of a fist. But to do so is not very easy.

“Tony Stark was able to build this in a Cave! With a box of Scraps!” I hope this rings a bell in your mind. This is the same quote that Obadiah Stane makes when his experts can not miniaturise the Arc Reactor, stating that the technology does not exist. Well, at this point of time in the world, it seems too ‘FAR FROM TIME’, but on dedicating a few more years and deciphering the calculations, we would surely be able to build such a Reactor. A Wise man once said, “You can never dream of something that can never exist in the World.” Who said it, Why did he say it, does not matter. What matters is the meaning of the quote, which is well self explanatory.

What we know about the arc reactor is that it was created (by Howard Stark, Tony’s father) first, of the size of a big tank. It was used to generate power for the Stark Industry. Later, Tony had miniaturised the technology to save the shrapnel from piercing into his heart, using it to power an electromagnet in his chest, and eventually to power his Mark Ironman armours. When first making the Miniaturised Arc Reactor, he had specified the use of Palladium in the reactor to power it for 50 lifetimes supplying power at 3 Gigajoules per Second. The core was made up of 1.6 grams of Palladium. Since in Ironman 2, we are shown that the toxicity of Tony’s blood was increasing due to Palladium in his chest due to Palladium Poisoning, we get one more clue. It is proved scientifically, that excess Rhodium (explained later in Pd-103’s decay to Rh-103) in our body is very harmful, but at the same time, there haven’t been many cases such as these. So, it explains why Tony didn’t choose to go to any Doctor for his health problems. These things wrap us up to one theory, which I will be explaining now.

Closely studying the facts, we will take Palladium as the core (since the element synthesised later for the core is not revealed.) According to the conditions, the proposed theory will have a centre core and an outer core. Two isotopes of Palladium will be used for the purpose, viz. Pd-103 and Pd-107.

Pd-103 is the isotope of Palladium, having mass number 103 and atomic number, 46. By electron capture, i.e. when the nucleus of Palladium 103 absorbs an electron, that electron with a proton, giving net charge zero, turns to a neutron. Mass of electron being negligible (9.1x10-31kg), the mass number remains same. But, since one electron is lost from the shells, atomic number decreases by one, thus making it Rhodium-103. This Rhodium formed, is in an excited state. So, it emits gamma rays. It is these Gamma rays that give a blue appearance to the Arc Reactor.

Pd-107, another isotope of Palladium, turns to Argentum-107 (Silver-107). This process is an easy one, through Beta emission. Pd-107 has mass number 107, while its atomic number is 46. The nucleus of Pd-107 releases a neutron, which turns to a proton and an electron by charge separation. The electron can not stay in the nucleus and hence, is released as a Beta emission. This results in the mass number of Pd remaining same, again since just one electron is emitted out while other components of nucleus are the same. Due to Beta emission, the atomic number of the atom increases by 1. So, a Silver-107 is formed.

Now, explaining the exact working of the reactor using these components, we find that Pd-103 is very reactive with a half life of just 17 days. On the other hand, Pd-107 has a much higher half life of 6.5 million years. So, theoretically, using Pd-107 as a viable source of electrons to be emitted in an arc reactor, with Pd-103 serving as the medium to use those electrons for its decay, an electric circuit can be established between the different isotopes, radioactive in nature. Moreover, it is probably a Cold Fusion Reaction, using much energy in production of electricity directly due to charge gradient.

Pd-107 is expectedly, the centre core, emitting high energy electrons outwards while decaying into silver.


As said earlier, this is totally based on theoretical assumptions. We hope that someone would soon make such technology available and make the world a better place to live in with power sources generating least or no pollution.


7 thoughts on “THE ARC REACTOR

  1. Great Theory!!…………I wish you only be that ‘SOMEONE’, who would make such Technology available and make the world better place to live in………………………………Keep it up.

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  2. You mention in your notes that you used quartz as the outer layer, I heard someone else mention using transparent aluminium, or even “transparent aluminium diamond carbon nanomatrix”, what lead you to quartz?


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