A hundred and eighteen-the number of known elements in the world today. The naming of even one of these elements can make a Person, a State and a Country very Famous. But to Gain this Fame, is it Ethical to produce a Conspiracy Theory and publish it, even without it having any speck of truth? Well, a Conspiracy Theory or the Truth, Robert “Bob” Lazar had claimed publicly that the 115th element on IUPAC’s Modern Periodic Table was actually a Space Fuel, used in ‘Flying Saucers’ or ‘UFOs’. In an official interview in November 1989, with investigate reporter, George Knapp, Bob Lazar announced publicly that he had been a part of the Area S4, a facility, which he claims, exists near Area 51. Lazar exclaimed that he had encountered several flying saucers in that region of Nevada and thought it to be some terrestrial aircraft’s test flight, which might have been responsible for several sightings of UFOs. But, he says, later he concluded these crafts were of extraterrestrial origin, after having watched some briefing documents and studying the interiors of the UFO.

The speculated site area of Area 51 (Centre) and Area S4 (Lower Right)
The speculated site area of Area 51 (Centre) and Area S4 (Lower Right)
The first report of synthesis of Ununpentium (also referred as eka-bismuth), was made in 2003. But Bob Lazar had stated that the Space fuel was this element long time before study revealed that this theory element did really exist. So, how was this possible? Does this mean that Bob Lazar had really studied UFOs and its fuel components? For this reason, claims are being made to name Ununpentium as Lazarium in honour of Bob Lazar. Theoretically, scientists have demonstrated that Ununpentium does generate a great Minuscule Gravity, which helps in propulsion of the studied vehicles. The minuscule gravity can be trapped and amplified, since it exists just beyond each atom’s valence electron shell. But the exact method for this amplification is still unclear. But still, does this prove that the studied vehicles were of extraterrestrial origin? Can we be sure that those are space vehicles and they did once carry aliens? It is a bit too dicy to do so. Besides, no one but the privileged are allowed access to the Area 51. So, not many have seen what the staff of this Secret Base is claiming is actually true. It is quite probable that Bob Lazar was himself “Created” by the military, since no records exist to prove that he went to the school he claims he went. None of the scientists of the scientist communities he supposedly visited, remembered him. Moreover, no other places have claimed such Bases dealing with Aliens. If the Base’s real objective was to fight alien invasions, why did it not set up any other such bases in different areas of the world? Or is it that aliens choose to land only in Nevada, which is highly improbable. Is this a big plot just to hide something too grave? The Base of Area 51 has a long history, including the speculations of it being a bomb testing area during World War II. This also gives the theory a new face. Is the Area still used for Military purposes by certain Extremist organisations and is the Restriction with rumours of aliens landing there just a part to divert people’s attention? An even bigger question is, believing that the US Government strictly follows the UN Principles, does the Base even exist for such purposes?
Edit (8/6/2016)

It’s finally named! Element 115 is named as Moscovium to honour the scientists of Moscow who worked on this heavy element.


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