The Holy Grail-it is believed to be the cup or the stone in which Jesus Christ used to drink wine. There are some speculations that the Holy Grail is the vessel which would lead a man to eternity if he drank from it. According to various sources, there is no straight forward reference of the Grail in the Bible. But is the Grail really what the world thinks it is, or was the legend and myth created for a greater cause?

Dan Brown’s controversial book, THE DA VINCI CODE, puts it in a different way. According to the book, the Grail is actually the Sarcophagus of Mary Magdalene or Mary of Magdala, one of the greatest followers of Christ, named at least 12 times within the four Gospels even more than any of the Apostles. She was said to be present at Christ’s Crucifixion as well as His Ressurection. Moreover, the book even supports its theory with the help of da Vinci’s paintings, specifically ‘The Last Supper’. The question that arises in one’s mind now, is how does Leonardo da Vinci know so much about the thing that had occurred almost 1465 years before he started his famous work. But the book gives an explanation to this too. It says, with relative facts, that a secret group, called the Priory of Sion, was formed after Christ’s crucifixion, which served to save Mary Magdalene and her bloodline. Many artists, physicists and scholars were a part of it and had kept the Secret away from the World. Sarah was the name of the baby, whom Mary gave birth, according to the book again. The Grail, moreover, is called SANGREAL. In French, SANGREAL literally means ROYAL BLOOD.

As said earlier, the book is based on proofs provided by ‘The Last Supper’. There are speculations that John the apostle, on Jesus’s right (viewer’s left) is actually a lady, possibly Mary Magdalene. The clothings of these two are Red and Blue, crossing opposite to each other. The empty space between the two is in a chalice’s shape, resembling the Grail. Moreover, there is NO actual Chalice or Cup from which Christ is said to be drinking wine. On skilfully cropping the image, we get Jesus and Mary holding a Baby.


Arguing the facts, we can’t be very certain as to the correct definition of the Grail. The Bible states nothing about Mary Magdalene bearing a child before Christ’s crucifixion. Frankly speaking, drawing up a false conclusion without good enough facts can be offending. As of now, we can’t really conclude if the Holy Grail is the Chalice or Mary Magdalene’s Sarcophagus. Proofs point both directions. Though there are proofs of the existence of Knights Templar and the Priory of Sion, it is said to have actually created to install feelings of mutual aid and study in people of Eastern France. Though, in 1982, the 16th U.S. President, Lincoln had published an article related to the Priory’s connections with Merovingian Empire and Mary Magdalene, modern historians did not accept THE HOLY GRAIL and THE HOLY BLOOD as serious dissertations.


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